Art update and Upcoming Convention info!

Once again, I've lost track of time and neglected the blog for a little bit. Lots of crazy (but awesome) things are in the go and happening. For one, I'll be attending (and I'll even have a table!) both Boston Con (April 30-May 1) and Heroes Con (June 3-June 5) this year and we've been preparing some great stuff for both!

Boston Con will be VERY special for a bunch of reasons. One being, we'll be announcing a new project-something we've all been working on really hard for the past few months. It's a bit of a baby to me and I can't wait to talk more about it and share some of the concept art. I'm kind of in love with it :)

As for merch and original art available at the cons:
We have a hand full of art prints we've been working hard on, as well as some smaller merch (pin packs, etc). Below is one of the monster model kit art prints we'll be selling, it'll be a small run of numbered and signed prints on fancy schmancy paper. We'll also have a limited ed. "Rockin' Bones" pin pack (below).

So aside from these prints and things, I'll have a few pieces of original art with me. After thinking a lot about it, I've decided I just can't do full color gouache paintings at a con. It's just way too much lugging art supplies (most I'm sure will be taken away by the TSA at airports) and I fear it will be pretty stressful/messy. I MIGHT just do very simple/small sketches with a quick watercolor wash over them at the actual con, but we'll see. It all depends on how crazy (obsessive compulsive) I get ;) For now, I'll be bringing some pre mades with me.

I've got a very limited number of full color 8"x8" bust paintings that will be up for grabs at both cons. I'm pretty slammed/booked with commissions and if you've got a request, please e-mail it to me in the next 2 weeks or so ( Below are just a few of the 8x8 color paintings I'll have for sale. Again, I can only paint so many in time for the con, so come pick it up early if you dig em'!

I'll be sure to update the blog as soon as I find out exactly where our table will be! For Heroes Con we'll be in Indie Island. More info soon! xo


Juan Bauty said...

Fantastic paintings

rico said...

So excited you're coming to Heroes!!

Stephanie Buscema said...

Thanks! I'm super excited :)!!

echeck casino said...

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