January commissions, a quick update & stuff!

So far 2011 has been awesome (let's keep this up!), the year started off on the right foot with some fun work, participating in a great art show out in LA (pieces are up for sale here) and a ton of new commissions. It's been fun taking on some extra commissions this winter, I think I'll continue to do so until convention season starts for us (we'll be at Boston con and Heroes con this year and we'll have a TABLE! Woo!)! Doing these personal pieces reminds me how much I love my job-I'm posting three of my favorites above and below (Vampirella, WW and Bettie Page). Perhaps someday someone will let me paint Vampi or WW in sequential form? A girl can dream, right??!

Back about eight months ago, I was asked by Fantasy Art Magazine in Asia, if I'd like to be featured in their magazine for a big article. Of course I said yes, I was beyond honored that they thought so highly of my work. I happily did an interview and bio, as well as provided them with a ton of art. Well, I was head over heels when the magazine arrived last week-holy cow! They did a gorgeous job-I'm so blown away

So as of right now, I'm working on some new collaborative projects I can't quite talk about just yet-it's insanely exciting (I don't think I've ever been this excited about a project before)-it's going to rock so much. What I CAN say is, something really special is going to go down at Boston con...I will post more as I can and I'll be posting more about the upcoming cons I'm going to in the next few months, too. I'm still indecisive about bringing my paints along to the cons-so I may take a commission list before the show and bring the finishes with me. More soon! xo

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