Covers And Quick Update


A quick art update and post. I've been pretty awful with keeping the blog up to date with new covers and info the past couple of months. Here are a few of my recent favorite pinup covers I've painted for Dynamite. I just finished my very last cover for Vampirella, it's been a really fun run this past year and change-a big thank you to Dynamite for having me on these great books and to everyone who went out of their way to seek out my covers and support my small contribution to the books-for both Vampi and Sonja.♥


In some other news, I'll be contributing a grouping of small paintings to Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery for their Studio Ghibli tribute show. I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with for the show and I'll be sure to share the specifics and full paintings here as it gets closer. The dates for that will be May 8 - July 4, 2015. I'll also be a guest at Boston Comic Con this summer (July 31-August 2nd)-hope to see some of you there! A lot more to share in the coming months, some exciting unannounced projects, new art print editions and events-but that's all I can share for now! xo

Spring 2015 Collab With Pin Up Girl Clothing

Some exciting news: I'm happy to share that I'll be continuing to collaborate with Pin Up Girl Clothing! This year is bringing all kinds of awesomeness and I'm honored to contribute some original designs for their lovely dresses and skirts again-first up is the Spring 2015 line. It's been a real treat to be working on fabrics, and at this point I can honestly say I'm truly in love with it and the process. A big thank you to PUG for having me on board again!

The two designs I've worked up were inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and will be part of the Fairy Tale Fantasy Collection. Alice and her adventures were pretty key in helping form my imagination as a little girl, they combined a sort of sugary sweetness, odd characters and some rather creepy bits that really resonated with me. With there being so many different characters and possible ways to take it, I decided to break it down into two parts for the patterns. After a lot of drawing and trouble shooting designs, The Wonderland Print and Queen of Hearts print is the result. The Wonderland is an all over print combining various elements from the Mad Tea Party, as well as the Caterpillar, Cheshire cat and little Alice (not to mention "eat me" cakes, "drink me" bottles, keys. squiggles...lots of drawing for this print, that's for sure!). This prints will be featured on the Doris Skirt and Ella Dress, below.
The Second Pattern, Queen of Hearts, is a border print. This one was a challenge-but I'm really happy with the result and how it all came together. We all become attached to making things sometimes, and the art on this print was certainly something attached to my heart-and I hope it shows. This print features the Queen of course, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, card suits galore and of course lots of cards, heart shaped tarts, paint buckets and red roses (carefully painted white, of course!). This print will be featured on the Lydia Dress (Up above, at the top!) and Jenny Skirt, below.
 A closer look at the fabric details below....

Please stop by the Pin Up Girl Clothing website to check out all of the the spring 2015 designs and to sign up and join the wait list-you'll be notified as soon as the new styles are available for purchase. Hope you enjoyed the peek at these pretty new things and hope some of you lovely ladies will have fun wearing them! xo

Happy New Year! A little late, I know. The holidays went way too fast last month, but it was a nice break to eat lots of sweets and catch up on some sleep! :)

Pretty much started this year by hitting the ground running and trying to manage a sort of balancing act between covers+unannounced projects+new fabric patterns+personal projects. I can't talk about or share much of anything related to the work I've been doing other then the cover previews-but here's a very tiny peak of what's to come...

First up, I'm really excited to continue work with Pinup Girl clothing on some new prints for 2015! While I can't give much away, I can post this little teaser image of a design element I painted for one of the new patterns...
Working on patterns and novelty prints this past year has been not only an amazing learning experience for me personally, but it's really helped me develop a new way of approaching image making for use other then published work on paper. Coming up with pattern idea lists (compulsive list maker *cough*cough*) and image/color families in my sketchbooks, painting color swatches and doing research on fabrics has really opened up a new way of thinking for me. I can honestly say I'm pretty much in love with the process, zoning out with making patterns has helped me get to my happy place, that's for sure!

On a personal note, I've been working on something that I'll be self publishing later this year, a first for me. The idea of self publishing something has been kind of swimming around in my brain for awhile, but I just wasn't really hip on the idea of self publishing a sketch book or art book yet. Publishing something digitally is wonderful, and works for some folks-for me, I need something tangible to be happy. After some thought, I decided to move forward with painting and self publishing a deck of cards. Something very personal to me, tangible and interactive.

A few years ago, I started painting a Tarot deck for myself, a huge undertaking! I decided to put it on the back burner-it became very labor intensive and I felt it was something that needed way more of my attention then just a few nights a week. After considering diving back into my Tarot project this year and self publishing it-I decided to take another route for now and work on a different type of oracle card deck, the Lenormand. Tarot and Lenormand cards are very different-however, both decks can be used together with an understanding of both card systems (I personally don't advise anyone to do this without a knowledge of both first. Stick to one system before jumping around-it can become very overwhelming and confusing for beginners). The Lenormand consists of 36 cards, the Tarot, 78. Spreads for the Lenormand are different from Tarot, as is the way they're read (I'll post more about the Lenormand system, history of the deck, how I approach the deck and read as my deck gets finished). I feel the Lenormand is a wonderful deck for both beginners and experienced card readers-it's great fun and something everyone can enjoy! If the deck I create is well received, I'll be jumping into a Tarot deck next year. The goal is to have this deck out by the late summer/early fall of 2015, so I'll be posting little updates and snippets on here as I go. So far, I'm knee deep in sketches and can't wait to get started with the painting stage. Above is a peek at one of my favorite cards so far, number 33(8 of Diamonds), The Key.

Back to work for me, wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015! xo

November Update

The cold is setting in and Halloween is over-which always marks the end of the year for me. I know it's not actually the end of the year quite yet, but it always feels that way around mid-November. I suppose because at this rate, holiday craziness sets in and the next two months just fly by. Looking forward to having a wee bit of time to see friends and family this holiday season, it's always much needed.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy these past few months, prepping and painting for multiple new projects for 2015 plus my monthly Vampi cover which is always a treat to paint (issue 8 cover image to the left!). Some really exciting stuff is happening and my paint brush has been moving non stop-looking forward to sharing when I get the green light!

I have a few new prints available in the shop for the holiday season, a small series of pieces I hope to add to in the future (images at the top!)! Love painting little creatures and animals and don't get to do it too often in my everyday work, so figured it would be a fun subject for a new set of prints.

Aside from the everyday work, I've been trying to make jewelry and brooches as time allows...which isn't as often as I'd like lately. I did however, come across some pretty incredible pieces of bakelite and fun finds this late summer/fall! We've really made more of an attempt to frequent local antique markets and fairs. They pop up pretty often around here during the warmer months, some are disappointing, others are total it forces me out of the house for a few hours on the weekends.

I *might* be a vintage lamp addict...I have a little problem. Especially lamps with fiberglass shades with fun lacing and colors (the more flamboyant and out there the better!), when we spotted this lamp at one of the last antique fairs of the season, we scooped it up! I assumed it would be out of our price range because of the condition, the shade is in perfect condition, as is the base. It was...practically nothing-in fact, I thought the vendor was joking when I asked the price. We got it home, rewired it and it works like a charm as a little reading lamp next to our sofa.

Some other cool finds in the way of bakelite (below)-some circular brooches (perfect for scarves in the winter months!), dress clips and the oh-so-coveted cherries jubilee necklace! This necklace is just to die for-completely original hardware and all. I am having a wee bit of a dilemma, though...while I love this necklace to death as is, I'm a little afraid to wear it due to the wear on the cherry stems (if one of those cherries were to fall off, I'd throw a fit!). I'm sure it can be restored, but will it decrease the value of the piece?

I'll have to do more research before doing anything to the piece...but gosh it's so pretty as is, and a piece I've always drooled over but could never find (for a steal or practical sum of money, anyway!). Ah, and dress clips...dress clips/fur clips have always been those little pieces I kind of disregarded when I started to search and collect vintage jewelry. They've definitely grown on me, in fact, I seek them out now. Not only can they be worn a million different ways, but they're all so different, it's really rare that I find two of the same outside of a set, and that uniqueness really draws me to them. They can be clipped on a dress as intended, a scarf, shoes, a purse, coats, necklace chains, just about every way you can imagine! One of these days I'll do a post dedicated just to dress clips :)

The guilt has been setting in for not updating here sooner. The past few months have been a non-stop marathon of painting, working on new projects for 2015 and a few new small personal things for this fall. Summer went so incredibly fast, we've been feeling a little cheated out of a summer-although the 80-90 degree weather around here lately has been making up for that! I certainly didn't get out as much as I had hoped for-plans to take an antiquing road trip, beach days with a good book and some house improvement projects were put on hold due to work. We did however sneak out to a few afternoon antique fairs, some day trips out to eastern Long Island and a couple of nights with friends and the fire pit made up for it!

This past month I finished up my very last cover for Red Sonja, for issue 18. it's been so fun to contribute to this great book the past year and a half-the biggest thanks to everyone who went out of their way to find my cover, they were all a real labor of love and I hope some folks enjoyed them! Moving forward, I'll be focusing on some really exciting work that will need most of my painting attention, painting work for some gallery shows and personal work. I'll be winding down on the number of covers I'll be taking on and unfortunately will not be taking on anymore commission paintings.

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to start releasing some of the new fall goodies I've been working on. Everything is now available in my shop (including that little green-haired witch above!), prints, button sets, mirrors and a *really* rad Halloween sticker pack made for me by our awesome friends at Rockin' Stickers!  It was really fun trying to make this set have a vintage Halloween vibe-and as always, my awesome super talented partner Rob rocked out another great packaging design that's beyond perfect! We love working together and I hope we can collaborate on something larger scale one day.

On downtime (or super late at night after the paint has dried), I've been really, really enjoying working on items for Kitschy Witch Jewelry. It's been relaxing, a great de-stressing hobby and so fun hunting around for vintage items to incorporate into new jewelry. I recently found some pretty incredible old vending machine charm lots, old monsters among hundreds of other silly themes. I've been so lucky to have some super supportive people dig what I do-and can't thanks everyone enough for checking out what I do!

Below are a few items I made for the Kitschy Witch shop for Halloween (the Monster Mash brooch shown is sold out! But I'll be offering a different variation on the brooch in the next week or two :) )  xo-Steph