Hurry, Spring!

It's that time of year again! After months of being inside and freezing (and possibly going stir-crazy...), some of the first signs of spring have been popping up around our home. Tulip bulbs are starting to come up and fat robins have been hanging out in the yard. Spring always brings that extra boost of creative energy after a long winter that seems to drag out. Yesterday, I started some of our vegetable seeds for the garden this year as goes without saying, I'm SO ready for the spring! A month to go, and we'll be in business.

As far as things coming down the pipeline, I've got a handful of new comic covers I've been hard at work on. Hopefully I'll be able to share more on that soon! I've also been working on an art book project I'm pretty excited about. Here's a  sneak peek at some of the miniature paintings that will be included in the book (will include over 50 new works). Hoping to have all the art completed by the summer...more news on that and the theme of the book once all the art is in the bag! Also, there will be some new prints available in my store the end of March/ start of April. 

Really looking forward to doing more of my own thing this spring and summer...something I really haven't had much of for a good year or two. There are a million things I want to try and tackle, from making this little art book happen, to revamping my portfolio and painting a new print set, to starting more hands on work with tile mosaics/glass work.  Recently I had a little extra time and started playing around with painting vinyl toys (Something I haven't really picked up in a few years.) Had a bunch of fun painting it, so it kind of rekindled my interest. Hoping to paint a few more, if they do well, I'll start popping them over in my Etsy shop. Here's the most recent custom toy, painted on a DIY Trikky blank.

A few updates for the coming months:

Convention appearances-
March 23rd-24th Big Apple Pony Con
**2 small sized pre-show commission spots available for both shows. Will not be drawing/painting on site. Please email to get on the list-thanks ♥!

Art Shows-
June 29th-July 21st Gallery Nucleus
More to come! Will be participating a bunch of shows for 2013 (custom toy shows, as well!)

Some recent commissions and little paintings:



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Michael said...

I like these commission pieces. Very nice.