Art Show & Store Update

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

So far this summer been crazy busy (in a good way!). I'm currently finishing up my fourth picture book for Disney/Hyperion and hopping on a super fun comic project in August with one of my most favorite writers! I can't wait to share more info and I'll post some images as soon as I can.

My commission list has filled up for the rest of the summer, but I'll be accepting a new list of requests mid September. However, I've reopened my Etsy shop and am offering ten new paintings for sale. Please drop by and take a look around!

On the Gallery front, I'll be doing a bunch more shows with Gallery 1988 (at both their Melrose and Venice locations) in the coming months through 2012. The next show up is a Pee-Wee Herman themed show, flier below! I'm SO stoked and will post the image of the piece as soon as I can :)

In the meantime, my "Little Vampira" painting (above) will be available for sale through the Gallery 1988 website. It was painted for the "Crazy 4 Cult 5" art show, which will be hanging in their Melrose Gallery until July 30th.


Andi B. Goode said...

Thanks for following my blog. I've just had a quick look (for now) at your art and I'm completely in love! Your work is right up my alley.
-Andi x

Stephanie Buscema said...

Hi, Andi! Thanks so much for the follow-looking forward to reading more of your blog :)