1969 Catwoman!

Quick post this morning! I just wanted to share a commission painting I completed this week, one I had entirely too much fun making. I love Catwoman, and when asked to paint her in one of her outfits from 69' I jumped on it. I adore her bobbed hair and Go-Go girl-esque look, below are some images of her during her appearance in comics during this time. I believe this look lasted from 1969 to the mid seventies.


Andi B. Goode said...

Oh wow! This is really neat. I really like your version of her.
-Andi x

Tomás said...

Hi Steph
I love your SH and SV versions and hope could see a comic series with your art give versions of FF, Batman or someone else.
Best from Spain.

Stephanie Buscema said...

Thanks so much!! :)