Attention Shoppers...AGAIN! And a quick update ♥

Finally, I've decided to open an Etsy store for selling off original paintings and prints! It's seems a bit easier to sell and list through Etsy as opposed to having my own store through my website-so here it goes! Click here to enter the shop.

I'll be sure to post soon as there's been lots in the go as of late, especially with the release of Marvel's Girl comics right around the corner in March! Excited for everyone to check out the work of all these amazing female creators and the contribution made by Trina Robbins and myself in issue #1. I'm so honored and excited to have been asked aboard this project! To read more about the book and it's creators, stop by Marvel News!

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Joanie said...

If I had more cash on hand I'd buy Varla and the girls in a second! Love it!