Recipe for Halloween

It's almost here! Just nine days away!!

To celebrate my favorite holiday, I'm painting up a set of Halloween illustrations. Above is the first of the lot. I've started to experiment with sea sponges for painting textures (as opposed to just straight up dry brush on everything)-it seems to take a bit longer, and LOTS of layering (esp. with cel-vinyl)-but the textures you can achieve are great. I'll have a few more posted up here in the next few days, mostly little doodles and mock up halloween cards inspired by the great vintage halloween decorations and cards I've seen over the years. Below are some old Halloween images I adore. Why don't greeting cards/decorations look like this anymore!? I say we bring them back!


Manale said...

Man, I remember Trick or Treating with my brother and sister when I was little. We'd come home freezing cold and covered in smeared make-up.
But it would all be worth it when I opened up my Halloween bag to find it filled to the brim with bones.

Joanie said...

Halloween is the best, I agree. I love the painting!m