New things and Spring update

Tiny WIP Peek at painted interiors for the new
Chimichanga books Eric Powell & myself are working on!
Been busy busy getting some new things worked up and throwing paint around on fifty million things! The past months have been a balancing act for sure (what else is new), not too many actual art updates I can share just yet, as the majority of my painting work has all been channeled into the new Chimichanga books for Dark Horse Comics (hopefully an update on the release dates soon!). Some cover painting work and new textile designs for 2016 for Pinup Girl clothing have also been on my plate-along with any time I can smuggle for personal work!

I've got some new things out and some cool collaborations in the works that I hope to announce soon. First up-I've got some new prints on the way, but in the mean time, new scarves and small accessory items are now available in my Etsy shop . Below is a peek of a Blast Off! pattern available in both and ...and maybe as a few other items I can share soon, as well ;)

 My partner in crime (and incredibly talented designer), Rob, collaborated with me on a few new T-shirt designs. We took a couple of my sideshow character designs I had painted a little while back and gave them some new life. They came out so fun! A few photos below, they can all be found at my in Threadless Artist Shop available in a range of sizes and styles for Women, Men and even kiddos :)

Lots more to update, I'll be sure to post here as well as my instagram account as soon as things start being released. Until then, lots of painting and gardening prep will be keeping me busy-wishing everyone a happy Spring! :)

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Silver Cat Tea Party said...

I was so excited to see that PUG will be getting new designs by you! I adore your work! And wow! That blast off print is amazing. I'd love to see this print made into a skirt one day! <3