Happy belated holidays! Gahhh, what a nutty month! Aside from the holiday insanity, pre-holiday deadline crunching and running around like chickens without heads-I love December. It's always a nice change of pace to stop for a few days and spend some much needed down time with family and friends, something we don't get to do very often. We also had a bunch of snow on X-mas eve, which hasn't happened in I don't know how long (it's always pretty when you don't have to shlep out in it!).

Haven't had much time to update the blog, so a few things of note! Most recently, a few covers and a commission I'm pretty smitten with (above) . I had the great pleasure and honor of painting a Jingle Belle piece for one of my favorite writers, Paul Dini. What a fun piece and character to work with, I got lost in all of the little Christmas details, colors and trims! A few cover shots, a painting for one of the Marvel animal covers, for Avengers A.I., issue 8 (out early next month) and a shot of the cover painting for my voodoo themed Sonja cover for issue 9, fresh on the board!

I've been really pushing myself with these covers lately, trying new techniques and compositions. I'm so unbelievably grateful for all of the support and positive response I've received this past year from my comic cover work. Between supportive publishers and amazing fans, it's been just incredible. Next year is already looking to be a blast and I can't wait to share what's to come! A big, HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported my work and what I've been doing, I couldn't do it without you!


I'm also really (REALLY!) excited to be a guest artist for Hello Kitty: Delicious! Being a HK and Sanrio fan since I was a tiny kiddo, I was thrilled with the opportunity to paint and play with some of my favorite Sanrio characters. Out next month (up for preorder on Amazon!) I'm honored to be on board with so much awesome talent involved in this book, my little contribution was a ton of fun to work on, I hope you'll pick it up and give it a read!

I think that's about it for now. I'll be writing a proper entry soon about all the super rad merch, prints and jewelry I've been working hard on (a few new things available in the shop!). Until then, wishing everyone a very happy and healthy New Year, here's to an awesome 2014!! ♥

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