July update!

A few new covers I can share! Above is a really fun piece I painted for Betty & Veronica: Reggiestiltskin (Archie’s take on classic fairy tales), which will be out this October. I really tried to give this piece an old school fairy tale book feel! The super pretty lettering treatment was handled by my awesome and talented husband, Rob Harrigan. He's an incredibly talented designer and I love collaborating with him when we get the chance.

Below is the painted cover for Red Sonja #4 (I hope you all picked up issue #1, out this past week!). I keep saying it, but I really, truly love working on these covers. They've been a real treat to work on each month-coming up with new monsters, scenes, color schemes and compositions has been a huge challenge for me. It takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to play around with paintings I don't normally get the opportunity to make. It's been a total dream gig and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work not only with the Sonja character, but among such amazingly talented people on the book.

Red Sonja #4
A bunch more covers on the way-more My Little Pony, more Powerpuff Girls, more Sonja, more stuff I can't talk about ;). While I'm not going to be exhibiting at anymore cons this year, I am starting to book a couple of shows for 2014. Next year I'll be at Asbury Park Comicon and Heroes Con, possibly one or two more. More on that as it gets closer!  I'll also be creeping around NYCC for a day or two this October. I won't be exhibiting, but possibly signing and stuff.  
Super cute Hoppy commission from this month! 

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Kristen Hartle said...

I love the angular snakes! They just make the composition look even creepier, I think.

It's great that you're coming back to Heroes! I got your Wonder Woman print there last year but didn't make it there this time around.