Quick post with a few covers to share. First up is a cover for MLP #7, out last week, and Red Sonja #2, out in August (I think). Both pieces were a joy to paint. Lately, I've been painting as fast as my hands can handle-which has been averaging a cover a week. That being said, many more covers are in the hopper and will be shared over the next few months...including one new cover gig in particular I'm really excited about! Also, hope to be able to share a really fun and super cute comic project I recently got to work on-more on that as soon as it gets announced.

Aside from the everyday work, I've get a few cool art shows I'm participating in. One of which is next month at Gallery Nucleus. A preview shot of my contribution is up on the site and I'll share more info and the full image of the piece as the show approaches. This November, I'll have a little solo art show at Dream in Plastic! I picked a theme months ago and can't wait to share more info and images of the paintings. All work will be available for purchase through the gallery. Below is a peek of what's to come...

Due to my work load and scheduling, commission requests will be closed until further notice. If I currently owe you a piece, I'll be getting the remaining pieces painted and completed over the next three months. Selected pieces of original art will be available (updated monthly) for purchase in my store for time time being :)

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