Just got back home from Asbury Park Comicon on Sunday afternoon-what a fantastic show! Everyone was super kind and the turn out was great- a big thanks to all who came by, we're really looking forward to going back next year. 

Since Monday, I've been listing the haul of new prints in my store-Cute Ghouls and two Punk Girls prints. Also listing a small number of original pieces as well, some MLP hand painted originals and a few pinups. New necklaces are on the way as well! I won't be doing many (if any) more conventions this year, so the store will be updated a lot over the next couple of months with new items. Right now we're planning on some new totes, maybe some pins and smalls as well.

Below (and Sue Storm above!) are a few recently sold and commissioned paintings. I *really* love working with Red Sonja, she's so fun to paint. Looking forward to being able to share my cover for the upcoming comic-I'm a HUGE Sonja fan, it was a blast to contribute! A bunch more covers for some other awesome books and more MLP covers on the way over the next couple of months. 

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