Over the past couple of months I've had the pleasure of working on a handful of covers. I have to say, currently, I'm having more fun with the cover work then I do with the interiors! While I really love illustrating stories, it's been nice to just have one large, detailed illustration/painting to concentrate on at a time. It allows me the time and freedom to think more about the piece, play more with color, background settings and character placement on the page. These were all painted with cel vinyl and gouache paints on bristol.

I'm posting a few of the MLP covers that have been released so far, hopefully I can talk about and post the others soon!


Brubaker said...

Nice to see Twilight learning to skate since her first Winter Wrap-Up.

Gonna try to get your covers, especially the one for #2.

Deneen said...

OMG! These are just so adorable! You are so talented. I enjoy the cute expressions in the ponies. These look different than a lot of your other work I had seen, but I can still recognize your signature style. You are so good about posting your work with descriptions! Thanks!