August Update

What I assumed would be a lazy summer has rapidly turned into the complete opposite. Lots of really exciting things coming down the pipeline. Firstly, I'm so happy to finally see My First Ghost hit shelves in ONE WEEK! The reviews have been coming in (all very kind words so far, phew!), Publishers Weekly was kind enough to give the book not only a review, but a star as well! You can read the review here. There has been talk of some signing events in and around NYC, I'll be sure to post here when I find out exactly when and where!

Peek at My First Ghost!
Recently I was asked to do some cover work for the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic, for IDW. The show is a blast and the comic is looking to be really fantastic. The talent on the book is stellar (Katie Cook writing and Andy Price on the interior art!!), So stoked for this to come out in the fall. I was honored to be asked to contribute and such it's joy painting these characters-so incredibly fun! 

When time allows, I've been busy trying to get more fall and Halloween goodies ready for the shop! So far, the Postmortem tea society will be available as an art print in the fall, as well as one other. Below is a little bit of progress on a few of the jewelry items I'll be selling as well. Aiming to have these all posted and listed by the start of September. I want to thank everyone who has helped me get the word out, re-tweeted, stopped by and supported by shop over the past month. I'm really taken back by how much interest there is in these little things I make, it's been just awesome! The sales have allowed me to make more art, plan more prints and helped me get my hands on more high quality and vintage supplies to continue creating new jewelry and merch. Many thanks to all who have helped support what I'm doing xo!

***Quick note on commissions***
I'm starting to prepare for Cincinnati Comic Expo the end of September. I'm pretty booked up and only taking 2-3 convention commissions, for pick up at the show. If interested in getting on the list, please e-mail me for pricing and information at Other then the Cincinnati show, I am currently not taking on anymore commissions. I'll be sure to make a post when the list opens back up. 

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Carolina said...

Hi Stephanie!
My name is Carol, im from Brazil. I have a blog and today a write a post of yours cartoons and ilustrations.
I like so much your work. Thanks!