Quick post about commissions, prints & upcoming cons

With a bunch of conventions coming up and and lots of requests for original art, I thought I'd make a quick post! Next conventions up for me are Boston Comic Con and Heroes Con and a few more shows are in the works as well for the fall (more on that later). My regular commission list will be closed until July and will be open for cons only until then.
I've posted a few pictures of some of the completed commissions, they've been so fun to paint so far! A quick note about those: I will stop taking commission requests for full color painted pieces a month before the shows start or until the lists fill up, as I need time to paint everything! I will not be doing full color pieces at the show, they are for pre-order ONLY. Prices vary depending on size, number of characters, etc. Feel free to email me at Sbuscema@gmail.com for questions and to get on the lists for BCC and Heroes.
I won't be doing sketches at the shows but I will be doing a very limited number of small watercolor pieces, about 10 per show. They tend to go pretty fast, if you'd like one, come by the table and you can pick what you'd like.

Finally, PRINTS! I'm doing 3-4 different prints of all new artwork (small runs of each) sold at conventions only for now. There will also be a small amount of Otto & Olive merch for sale, too. All money made from the sale of O&O stuff will go directly to art supplies and watercolor paper so I can continue painting the comic :)

That's it for now. I'll be sure to post more paintings as I get them done. Looking forward to doing the shows this year! xo

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