Comics, every Saturday Morning!

This morning is the debut of Saturday Morning Webtoons, a site full of amazing webcomics! Every Saturday morning, creators involved will be posting new updated content (all ages material) to the site. We've all worked hard to make this happen and I'm so honored to be part of this! 

I've been working on writing (a first for me!) and drawing a comic called The Little Tales of Otto & Olive, the strange adventures and life of a little girl and her speaking black cat friend. I wanted to come up with something that looked cute and inviting, but could turn into something a little spooky when I needed it to. This is kind of my curio cabinet of oddities, a way to introduce kids to ghosts, monsters, the bizarre and unusual (without being too scary!). I hope you'll stop by and check it out! 
You can visit Otto & Olive on Saturday Morning Webtoons and on

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