Home Sweet Hell

Sketches for the Gates of Hell

It's been a little more then a week since our announcement at Boston Comic Con. Marsha Cooke, Candis Cooke and myself announced our upcoming collaborative project, Teenage Satan! A cross platform web comic, app, game that will be updated daily. We've all been working our tails off the last few months pulling it all together. We kicked off the announcement with a trailer of T.S. animated by Darwyn Cooke (click here to view), followed by an awesome night at the launch party, featuring a burlesque performance by the Boston Babydolls! All of the positive response and support from friends, family and fans has just been amazing, and if I didn't get a chance to personally thank you for your support, I send x's and o's! And also a big thanks to everyone who took the time to give us a shout out online, on their blog, twitter or website. Once September hits you will not be disappointed!

I figured I'd whip up a little blogpost featuring some of the paintings used in the animation, etc. I have to admit, I've never been given this much freedom to paint a project from the ground up before. It's been both a learning experience and experiment, one of which I (we all!) really put my (our) heart into. The girls really let me go to town, allowing me to create the sets/backgrounds and characters. When I finally sat down to paint the first sequential comic page after laying out all these little pieces, it was kind of an emotional moment for me! I'm really excited to be able to have the freedom to make art traditionally for this project and have it viewed digitally.  I hope you enjoy skimming through these images and please stay tuned for updates (sign up for updates at teenagesatan.com!) and the release this September!

Hades High (above), gouache/cel-vinyl

House of Satan (below) gouache/cel-vinyl

rough thumbnails for the House of Satan, gouache/cel-vinyl

The Family Room, gouache/cel-vinyl

Luc Satan in his room, rocking out! 


Jahhdog said...

Fun pieces! Love your colour choices too!


Juan Bauty said...

Fantastic work, nice colors!

Remy said...

Love your work!!!!

Congrats it is so spectacular !!