Some commissions from December!

A quick post before all the holiday craziness this week and next! Lots going on this month, between new projects being planned, a truckload of commissions, upcoming art shows all while trying to balance the daily freelance gigs. Above and below are two of the commissions completed this month! The Hank Williams piece (above) was painted for the super awesome artist (and super nice guy!), Jonathon Kimbrell, of Napkin Art Studios. Being a music lover too, this was a total treat to paint. Jonathon wrote a really nice blog post about the piece here.

Another piece which I really enjoyed painting was for Ron Lim, who has one of the best Spider-Man art collections, ever! You can view his collection here. He asked for a painting of Spider-Man surrounded by all the love interests in Peter Parker's life. Really had fun with this and honored to have one of my pieces in his collection of greats.

Next week I'll be posting some info about a big show I'm excited to be involved in, over at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles. Stoked to be kicking off 2011 with an art show! xo

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Don Hudson said...

Sorry I missed the show. Bummed.