Martians...and MOVING!

A little bit of back story: I was pretty freaked out by Mars Attacks trading cards as a little kid! I can remember my father having a whole set of the cards, he framed them all and hung them in the downstairs living room. They really scared me...but I remember taking peeks of the framed cards from the stairs. It didn't take long before they were moved to the back room (by the laundry room), and were pretty much out of sight. But that first look of them always stayed with me! 

Now, years later, I'm a huge Wally Wood/Norman Saunders fan and adore the cards and gruesome imagery of those martians! I decided to make an illustration of the martians invading a dressing room-I'm thinking of laying in text under the piece as well. 

On the crazy news front, it looks like we've managed to purchase our first home! Besides being a wreck (what else is new) about packing/work/deadlines/paperwork/etc, we're thrilled to be able to own our first home and have a better quality of life. I truly believe changing to a more positive environment will enable us to create more freely as artists. It will be nice to finally have TREES, GRASS and BIRDS in our yard! Maybe even some fresh air. These things we take for granted, once taken away from us, can really impact our mood and life tremendously. 

I'll try and post some pictures of the new place and my progress on some new books soon! 

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melissa mae said...

I LOVE "Mars Attacks"!!! One of the best movies. I love this piece, nice work!