Summer, already?!

How it's already the end of June is totally beyond me-these past few months have flew by so quickly! This past weekend Rob and myself took a much needed break from work and a drive to some neighborhoods outside of NYC to look around at houses. While we enjoy the convenience of living in NYC, we feel it might be time to pack it up and move to a quieter place. The neighborhoods here are changing and we've changed quite a bit since living here for years. As a result, the thought of owning our own house, having trees, fresh air and plants around us is really appealing. Keep your fingers crossed for us! 

In the meantime, spring has flown by and now being the end of June, we've got SDCC right around the corner! We'll be out there doing the convention on foot-no table this time around. We're excited to see all of our friends and comic book family out there, and look forward to meeting new friends, as we always do each year we attend.

So, lots of things happening since my last blog entry! Last weekend Rob and myself were invited up to Midtown Comics (our favorite comic shop here in NYC) to do a fun podcast. You can check out the podcast here. We also recently got our first Cintiq screen-which has been both fun and intimidating! I'm trying to learn the basics with the hopes of being able to color appropriate jobs digitally. It's a HUGE adjustment and something that I'm trying to stay patient with, but I'm starting to feel pretty confident using this as an art tool. 

On the work front, I'm finishing up the last issue of a project I've been working on since February called SOMETHING MONSTROUS, written by Steve Niles and R.H. Stavis! IDW will be putting out the first issue in the Fall and I'm pretty excited, as it's the first long thread with substance I've worked on. I really love working with Steve, he's a really great friend and a super talented guy. It's been nothing short of an honor to be working with this team on this book! More news on this in the near future! 

I'm also illustrating my third and fourth picture books, one of which is with writer Carolyn Crimi (author of "Boris and Bella", "Where's my Mummy?") for Dial Books. I love her work in children's publishing, so it's been a treat to illustrate something written by her! 

Needless to say, the next few months will me total mayhem (but a really exciting kind of mayhem!). Aside from work and personal painting projects, I will be taking on a really limited number of commissions for the month of August-so if you've been wanting one, now is the time to contact me through my website! xo

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