Fashion fades. Style is eternal.

Upon digging around for some reference and clothing patterns, I started to stumble upon lots of wonderful old fashion advertisements, photos and illustrations. Being a clothing and cosmetics junkie (especially the vintage sort), I wound up spending a little too much time on the internet on a mad treasure hunt. It really got me thinking about making some fashion illustration samples and playing around more with a loser gouache technique. Here's a few Ads/photos/illustrations that pulled me in, along with some drool/swoon worthy items I would kill to get my hands on! Above is a photo of French model/muse "Bettina", early 1950's (Dior).

Mid Century Dior ad, illustrated by the amazing Rene Gruau

1955 Dior

1954 Balenciaga gown (Gasp!)

1960's YSL (Le Gasp! The car and the dress, please. Thanks!)

1960's Chanel Ad

More gorgeous Rene Gruau, above and below


Marie said...

That 60s dress is pretty freakin' awesome. I think we need it.

Roberto Zaghi said...

Gruau was such a genius.