Pig Out!

With the rain coming to a halt this past weekend, I was able to actually get a large painting done! Here's a the piece I finished up on Sunday. Been kind of obsessing over the idea of parties lately. The kind of parties you have as a kid, complete with all the little details-decorations, games, colorful treats. I think a halloween party painting is in order next! Below are a few little sketches and color doodles made before diving into this larger gouache piece.

In other happenings:

I was lucky enough to be asked to answer a few questions for an interview with Forces of Geek! You can check it out here. Out tomorrow is a 1o page story written by Tom Peyer and illustrated by moi, for Spider-Man Family #8! Be sure to pick it up, I'm so excited to be part of the issue.

Rob and myself will be cruising over to the San Diego Comic Con next month, really looking forward to see all of our friends and artist family (and picking up a few new books ;)). In September, we head over to Spain! There will be an exhibition in Palma, Majorca showcasing my Grandfather's artwork. We're thrilled to be able to attend the opening and I will be posting more info about the exhibition soon.


Marie said...

So much exciting stuff going on!!

Anonymous said...

I love this piece. I like the little loungy pig at the end. I often lay down and go to sleep at parties.