Saturday Night Breather!

No better way to spend a Saturday night then to painting and sketching for yourself. After working, I decided to start playing around with a few colors. Here's a few little thumbnail paintings I made this evening in my sketchbook. These little moleskine watercolor books are AMAZING. They hold gouache like a dream and the pages don't buckle! (I tend to be a little too generous with my paint, so this little book proves to be a champ!) I just wish they made these books a wee bit bigger!


Billy said...

WOW steph these are amazing! the Purple and Green ones are just great!

You should draw some tattoo's for me.

Marie said...

so beautiful!!!!
and really different than other stuff you have been doing! must of been fun!

roque said...

These are awesome! I have to find one of these sketchbooks now.