Tag, You're It!

Alright, so I'm a sucker for the holidays. I love it. Plus, it's the only time of the year when my Grandma makes her world famous rolled pizza. This year we really wanted to do a little something extra for our friends and family. We have an amazing group of friends and family who were absolutely amazing (and patient!) to us when we got married this past September. So, the plan is to make a ton of treats to go along with our gift giving...but of course it wasn't that easy. I started to think about the packaging of these treats. After a lot playing around, I came up with these little gift tags...one kind of led to another and so on. A little collage, a little pant, some card stock, a really good exact-o knife and voila! I have a ways to go, but here are my favorites so far.


Rob said...

These are fantastic. I'm quite partial to the squirrel. Very harper-esque with a bit more warmth.

Marky Nimrod said...
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