"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good on you!" -Coco Chanel

Hmmm...I wonder if the same goes for ingesting the best color in the whole world? I love the color red. I also have a very weak spot for red velvet cake. With Thanksgiving tomorrow and a gathering at a friends house, I decided it's the perfect excuse to whip up one of these confectionery delights. But how do you get that really RED (not that weak strawberry colored cake) batter for red velvet cake?

Growing up, my Mom baked cakes professionally for years. I always remember these little jars of pigment that she would add to cakes and icings. The color was always extremely vibrant and unachievable with your every-day store bought food coloring. She was using Wilton icing dyes. These little jars literally perform magic when making sweets with color. If you haven't tried them and use dyes in baking often, prepare to be blown away.

This stuff in red velvet batter=amazing. Go with the color "Red,Red" as opposed to "Christmas Red", it's not as severe when baked (the red deepens as it's baked in) and looks a lot more appealing with cream cheese frosting.

Good night my little cake. I love you now. But tomorrow night when my dress size goes up after dessert, you will be a sworn enemy.


Rob said...

OMG, you better seal that fridge up tight so no snacksters attack it.

Joanie said...

I found your site perusing around on line and I am so glad I did. I LOVE (all in caps!) your work. I think you art is amazing. I'm an aspiring illustrator myself and just seeing your work inspires me to go create. I'll definitely be checking back here very often!!